Electrical Installation Trainer

The electrical training method investigates the fundamental principles of AC and DC electrical systems. In industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential uses, students can study how electricity is used for energy and control purposes. This training method involves the operation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of basic electric AC and DC trunks for different applications, which are important to the industry

Electrical Installation Trainer

The electrical training method investigates the fundamental principles of AC and DC electrical systems. In industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential uses, students can study how electricity is used for energy and control purposes. This training method involves the operation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of basic electric AC and DC trunks for different applications, which are important to the industry.

Setup of the Electrical Installation to provide students with a strong electrical technology base. The machine shall consist of modules suitable for the study of electrical measurement and the troubleshooting of electrical devices. Each module includes  electrical elements, such as

  • Contactors module
  • Different varieties Switches Module
  • Lamps module
  • Push buttons module  
  • Timers module
  • Motion sensors module
  • LDR module
  • circuit breakers and 
  • relays module

These modules can be placed on the panel frame and the System Panel can accommodate a number of combinations to produce a very distinct and interesting installation of wirings  By using 4 mm test leads the patch cords are  color coded and heavy-duty binding posts.


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