Electronics Work Station

We realise that very few requirements for testing are identical. We have built a testing bench that is versatile to meet any test configuration from general to particular industry specifications. The WorkStation has an aesthetically built, vertically mounted instrument panel with ample working space.

Electronics Work Station

Test Bench for Electrical and Electronics Lab consists of Instruments, panel meters, and required instruments and working area.
• The complete Work Bench should be made of M.S. (except the Top) and is Powder Coated for better aesthetic looks.
• The overall dimensions of the Standard workstation should be 1500X 1330 X 800 and The Dimensions will be changed for Customized table.
• Working area is made from 25mm Thick wood based board with 2mm PVC edge banding.
• Fixed drawer units for storage facility (400X200)
• Additional Wood storage cabinet for storing the trainer kits and other accessories. (Size- 670X425)
• Caster Wheel with locking mechanism is provided for front side of workstation, so that it can be easily moved.
• Provision to install PC Desktop & LCD Monitor, Keyboard drawer.
• 250/ 1500 size of Perforated Sheet for hanging tools and other accessories.
• Two exhaust fan to be provide for better ventilation and to reduce the instruments heat up.
• Workstation should have 4 AC input sockets and Switches for Additional instruments connections on the Work area.
• Workstation should have Emergency pushbutton for any unpredicted Short circuits.
• MCB of 2 poles to be provided with Panel.
• Each workstation to be provided with 2 Stools/chairs to Sit and work for Students.

The Equipments/Instruments can be placed or mounted on the panel based on the laboratory requirements.

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