intelitek india

Our Story

INTELITEK EDU SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED is based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
As a key player in Automation technology, Electrical engineering & Electronics engineering teaching equipment & Mechatronincs Lab Equipments / Trainers Kit, Fluid Engineering Products, Machine Lab setup kits over Indian market and Abroad, Intelitek designs creative, interactive learning strategies for industry and education in order to empower people to master technical systems, Solve everyday problems and adapt quickly to a changing workplace, We work with our clients to provide a learning experience that is unmatched.

Our training solutions were designed and developed by staff who are experts in their field, Integrating best education and training practices to offer knowledge and skills for real jobs,Our quality is characterized by the ability to provide world class service and support for these solutions. 


Intelitek is the world leader in immersive practical education based on skills. Our comprehensive education strategies range from engaging high school students & University students in science, Technology, Engineering & math training & to teaching practical skills in the new, highly sophisticated didactic setup (trainers). What makes Intelitek the leading provider of technical education in the industry is our interactivity, both in equipment and computer-based training solutions, combined with good alignment to industry needs.


A technology houses whose creative, Innovative and evolutionary design activities surpass customer expectations.


inspire teachers and engage students in technical education programs to change the workforce around the world.


Express integrity with long-term relationships in mind by making positive, ethical decisions.


  • Express integrity with long-term relationships in mind by making positive, ethical decisions. Look for the best solutions for everyone.
  • Acting with honor. Be a role model with a positive and energetic attitude for others. Provide good resource stewardship.
  • Hold big and small commitments. Gain and develop sustainable trust through consistent dedication and reliable outcomes.
  • Excel by providing fast and agile performance in all aspects of our business.
  • By being lifelong learners, both personally and professionally, actively improve our skill and effectiveness. Lead through seeking new ideas and new roles with passion while learning from our experiences.
  • Build a collaborative culture in which we work closely with our clients, team members, vendors, and others to build outstanding products and services.