Electrical Power and Machines is one of the most important areas of study for students in further and higher education. As we become more aware of the finite energy resources available to us it is imperative that we use them in the most efficient manner. Engineers and technicians need to know which machines and motors are best suited for particular applications, how to generate and distribute power with the minimum losses and how electrical circuits behave at higher voltages and currents. For example would the same type of motor be ideal for use in a DVD Drive as might be required for a Power Tool or a Railway Locomotive? How can we distribute and utilize the maximum amount of power? Why do we use Three Phase electrical power generation?

Intelitek Edu Solutions Pvt Ltd has been supplying teaching and training systems to educational establishments throughout the world for last two and half years. Using the experience we have gained we have configured a teaching system for Electrical Power and Machines which addresses the requirements of colleges and universities and enables students to get a “hands-on” understanding in these subjects.

This brochure describes the modular Workstation system which provides curriculum coverage for Electrical Circuits, Transformers and Motors and Generators. From our knowledge of the market we believe that the standard configurations described in this brochure will satisfy the needs of most courses at different academic levels. However, the system is modular and can be configured to suit individual requirements. Should one of the standard packages not satisfy your needs we would be pleased to help you put together a specific package.

The System and all the other products in the complete Electrical Power and Machines range are available for operation with three phase 230/400V 50Hz or 120/208V 60Hz supplies. Please specify clearly when ordering which supply you will be using.

DC Machines AC Machines Other Supporting Optional Items
DC Motors

  • DC Series Wound Motor
  • DC Compound Wound Motor
  • DC Shunt Wound Motor

DC Generators

  • DC Series Wound Generator
  • DC Compound Wound Generator
  • DC Shunt Wound Generator
AC Motors

  • Single Phase Capacitor Start Induction Motor
  • Three-phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • Three Phase Salient Pole Synchronous Motor

AC Generators

  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Three Phase Transformer
  • Three Phase Salient Pole Synchronous Generator
  • Single and Three Phase Resistive Load
  • Single and Three Phase Capacitive Load
  • Three Phase Inductive Load
  • Thyristorized DC Regulated Power Supply
  • Measuring Instruments
  • Protection with its indicators
  • Rheostats
  • AC Starters
  • DC Starters

Electrical Machine Trainer is a rouged training system for the Electrical laboratories mounted on Aluminum profile rack with sturdy table top panel. Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure with 4mm shrouded connectors showing circuit diagram & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connections. The product helps you to get fully acquainted with the basic concepts and functioning of an Electrical Machines Trainer.


Trainer control panel is provided in 40X40mm Aluminum profile rack with sturdy table top flat panel.

It has 16 no’s of ABS plastic panel mounted on the aluminum rack with mimic diagram of components

All input & output are terminated in 4mm shrouded connector and 4mm banana cable
is provided for experiments.

3phase DOL starter 4pole MCB, contractor
& relay panel
– 4 pole MCB of 415 V/4A.
– DOL 9A Contactor with 230V / 50 Hz /11VA COIL.
– Bimetallic thermal O/L relay with range 1.4A – 2.3A
– R-Y-B Input display Indicators.
– Manual start / stop with local trip contact

3 phase multifunction meter panel (2 No’s)
– Bidirectional Multifunction
– 3 Phase ¾ wire, 415V, CT Input 5A
– LCD/LED display, Aux supply 230V, 45-65 Hz, 5W
– V, A, Hz, Pf, KVA, KW, KWH
– Modbus RTU RS485

FWD/REV, STAR/DELTA Switch panel.
– FWD/REV, 3 pole 3 way switch, 6A/440V
– Star/Delta switch 3 pole, 3 way, 6A/440V

3 phase Rotor & Sync motor panel.
– Rotor resistors of Short, open, DC Ext, 15E, 21E, 30E each.
– Rotor resistor selector switch, 3 pole, 6 Way 6A/440V.
– DC Rotor excitation with circuit breaker (3Amp)

1 Ph Motor, Alternator & Sync Panel
– 1ph 230V/2A & 230V/4A AC output
– 1 ph. MCBs of 4A.
– 0-300V Voltmeter & 0-5A Ammeter (1each).
– Direction toggle switch

SCR controlled variable DC panel.(3nos)
-Full bridge SCR based 0V-200V / 3 Amp cosine firing.
– Fixed 220V DC Excitation output
-0-300V Voltmeter & 0-5A Ammeter

Instrumentation Power DPM Panel
– Signal conditioning circuit for speed, torque in kg to give output 0-2.5Vdc.
– Selector switch for Speed and Torque.

Synchronization panel.
-3 bulbs to check synchronization for generation.
– facility to connect 2 generator output for synchronization with Synchronization switch

1 Phase AC/DC Resistive Load panel.
125E/112E/100E 200W Load.
-9 Way Selector switch for selection of load resistors

3 Phase Inductive Load panel.
-0-0.75-3H Inductive Load.

3 Phase Capacitive Load panel.
-0-2.5uf capacitive Load.

Computer Interface Panel.
– USB/Serial Modbus for interface
– Virtual workbench software for windows

Experimental Motors

3 Ø Induction Motor with mounting
– Capacity-300W, 415 V/1.81 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/10 terminals
– Frame-80
– Speed-1500 RPM
– Thermistor
1 Ø Induction Motor with mounting
– Capacity-300W, 230 V/2 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/10 terminals
– Frame-90
– Speed-1500 RPM
1 Ø AC Generator & Synchronous Motor
with mounting
– Capacity-300W, 230 V/2 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/4 terminals
– Frame-90
– Speed-1500 RPM
– Thermistor
2 Speed 3 Phase Induction Motor with
mounting (Motor & generator)
– Capacity-300W, 415 V/0.7A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/12 terminals
– Frame-90
– Speed-1500/3000 RPM
– Thermistor
Universal AC/DC Motor with mounting
– Capacity-300W, 230 V/2 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/4 terminals
– Frame-90
– Speed-1500 RPM
– Thermistor
1 Phase Repulsive Induction Motor with
– Capacity-300W, 230 V/0.7A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/2 terminals
– Frame-90
– Speed-1500/1600 RPM
– Thermistor
3 Ø Salient Pole Alternator
– Capacity-300W, 415 V/1.5 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/10 terminals
– Frame-112
– Speed-1500 RPM
– Phase/Frequency- 3phase/50Hz
– Exct.230 V DC
– Thermistor
DC Motor (DYNAMO TYPE MOTOR) (shunt/series/compound)
– Capacity-300W, 200 V/2 A
– Pole/Terminal- 4 pole/6 terminals
– Speed-1500 RPM
– Frame-90
– Torque & Speed Sensor
– Thermistor



Set of Shrouded Cables
Set of Manuals with Experiments.
Demo CD showing Experiments

Optional Accessories:

Handheld Tacho Meter….1 No
Working Table (KWT-01)….1 No
Multimeter… 1 No
Tool Kit… 1 set

Experiment List:

– To study the working of DOL starter
-To study the working of 3 phase induction motor with fwd/rev switch
-To study the working of synchronous motor with fwd/rev switch
-To study the working of 2 speed induction motor with fwd/rev switch
-To study the working of universal motor as AC/DC motor
-To study the working of SCR actuator with load
-To study the working of DC shunt/series/separately excited/compound motor
-To study the working of 1phase repulsive motor induction motor
-To study the working of motor coupling using prime mover (dc shunt motor) and generator (3 phase salient pole alternator)
-To study the concept of synchronization and motor coupling using prime mover (dc motor) and generator (3 phase salient pole alternator)


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