Intelitek PLC and HMI Training kit is ergonomically designed to provide detailed training on the latest industrial PLCs and HMIs. An important advantage of the Intelitek training kit is that it can be equipped with any make or model of PLC and HMI. Specially designed input and output modules are provided with necessary safety arrangements to avoid damage to PLC or HMI during operation by inexperienced users or students. Input and Output modules allow users to connect the relevant field component with specified PLC input or output with the help of patch chords. This makes the whole system flexible providing necessary ease of operation.


  • Double acting 5/2-way solenoid valve
  • Single acting 5/2-way solenoid valve
  • Single acting 3/2-way solenoid valve
  • Double acting D20x100 stroke cylinder
  • Reed switch Cylindrical
  • Inductive sensor
  • Cylindrical diffuse reflective sensor
  • Cylindrical capacitive sensor
  • Pressure regulator
  • Push Button
  • Latch Switch
  • Conveyor track
  • Motor Speed control unit
  • Motor
  • Conveyor Track



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