Industrial Process Control Trainer Kit

The Process control systems provide precise control of liquids and gases in industrial areas including power generation, petrochemicals, food processing, and manufacturing. These systems control liquid and gas variables like flow rate, pressure, temperature, liquid level, density, and pH levels. Process Control training system covers two types of process control systems, flow and liquid level. Learners use this process control training system to study process control concepts and practice hands-on process control skills like calibrating, adjusting, installing, operating, and connecting process control systems in industrial applications.

Industrial Process Control Trainer Kit

Universal Process control trainer kit should resemble a typical small industrial process plant with different processes and parameters. The plant should have controlled using DCS control (Hybrid controller) with specially developed software for supervisory control systems. A jack plug and socket patch board provided at the interface of the process facilitates configuration of different experiments and allows user to develop and test own control strategies. The patch board also allows direct access to transmitters and control elements enabling user to connect external controllers, PLCs & DCSs. The product layout is designed to educate, train and develop the user to cover various aspects of process control. User can configure the product from study of basic components to advanced study of complex process control loops using advanced DCS control. More than 25 different experimental configurations are incorporated to support the study.

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