Sensor Training Kit is an introduction to the use of sensors, types of sensors and a teaching aid when studying control, manufacturing or automation applications. Sensors include infrared, capacitive, photoelectric, inductive, proximity, fibre optic and mechanical sensors. Sensor outputs are easily accessible via 4mm colour coded terminals on the front of the unit or via D-type connections and can be interfaced with a PLC or PC for sensor analysis and testing.
The Trainer kit comes with different types of materials steel, aluminium, foam, wood, plexiglass, abs plastic, and white abs plastic so that the student can compare the effectiveness of different types of sensors for different types of supplied materials. The student can evaluate the effectiveness of sensors when using different materials. Sensor range and suitability can be monitored, giving the student the ability to make recommendations for sensor selection in specific applications.

On Board Sensors

  • Photoelectric through beam sensor (settable distance)
  • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensor with reflective plate
  • M6 reflective fibre coupled with fibre sensor amplifier
  • Diffuse reflective sensor (approx. 10mm detecting distance)
  • Diffuse reflective sensor (adjustable sensitivity)
  • Distance settable sensor (can approximate distance 2mm –
  • 8pin DIN mounted 24V coil electromagnetic relay
  • Digital counter
  • Tachometer
  • Led light indicator
  • Momentary push button
  • Motorize (24VDC) rotary disc (D50mm) c/w 2 sets of alternate
    black and white region
  • Motorize (24VDC) rotary disc (D50mm) c/w 2 sets of the
    alternate yellow, green, blue, and red region
  • Cylindrical capacitive sensor (detecting distance 8mm or
  • Flat capacitive sensor (detecting distance 8mm or more)
  • Cylindrical inductive sensor



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