Electro Hydraulic Trainer Kit (PLC Based)

Introduction of Hydraulics System , Hydraulic Components
Introduction to hydraulic symbols and circuits
Simulation of Hydraulic Circuits on Autom SIM Software
Modular Flexible Trainer
Modular design
Double sided
Independent groups on single panel
Mobile with everything on-board for easy transportation between classrooms
Built in storage and work space

Electro Hydraulic Trainer Kit (PLC Based)


The components can be placed on a suitable profile plate with grooves for a safe and versatile positioning so that the components can be reliable, fast and securely clamped by easy fixing adapters. Industrial components are used to provide practical training for the students in the use of industrial components.

Trainer Designed for:

  • Technical schools.
  • Vocational schools
  • Industrial training centers
  • Technical colleges
  • Universities
  • Training institutes

Project exercises for industrial hydraulics:

In all these practical, hands-on exercises, core qualifications and technical qualifications are taught with the inclusion of planning, execution and monitoring carried out by students themselves:

Hands on education has been a staple of the learning skills for decades, and the training station in Intelitek is designed to allow educators to use actual equipment to teach the industry skills on demand A modular training kits incorporates all the elements of advanced industrial automation in the professional engineering classroom. The Hydraulic station is a two side workbench with a series of modular elements that can be adapted to various training curriculum.

Features Of  Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit:

  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Characteristic curve of a variable displacement
  • Pump
  • Single acting cylinder/pressure intensification
  • Single acting cylinder/flow
  •  Cylinders, load pressure
  • Setting the cylinder velocity
  • Check valve
  • Check valve, pilot operated
  • Throttle valve, adjustable
  • Throttle check valve
  • Flow control valve
  • Pressure relief valve, direct operated
  • Pressure control
  • Pressure reducing valve
  •  Pressure switches
  • Pressure switches / hysteresis
  • Hydraulic accumulators
  • Differential circuit
  • Fast advance – working speed motion control
  • Valve circulation control
  • Solenoid valves single/Double
  • Limit switch
  • Proximity sensors


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