• Compact Ergonomic Design.
  • ISO Symbol for each mounted components User Friendly, Self-Explanatory Systems.
  • Leak proof Safety Measures, sturdy piping & Robust Construction. Training Manuals Mimic Charts for Operation Ease.
  • System Frame with Caster Wheel Arrangement for ease in movement.
  • Wall mounting assemblies of hydraulic actuator & self-reciprocating cylinder. QRC Couplings provided Tubing /hose pipes for circulation of pressure.
    Manifold for distribution.
  • Oil Hydraulic power pack for power supply.
  • Optional components are available to allow fault operation and diagnosis training.
  • Training literature – Instruction & operation manual, troubleshooting & maintenance tips will be provided in soft copy as well as hard copy format

The basic Hydraulic system of Intelitek covers how basic Hydraulic systems are to be operated and installed, Performance analysis and design of Hydraulic basic circuits.Applications in different fields like agriculture, pharmaceutical, automation and many more! Hydraulic power is an industrial foundation!

A mobile workstation includes, basic Hydraulic aluminum panel, Weight Lifting Application module, Hose Hanger, Oil drip Tray, Storage Cabinet, Power pack & Hydraulic components, The system uses quality components for reliability in industrial applications and This helps students to prepare for what they will encounter on the job. Learners will study the following key topics, for example Hydraulic power systems, basic Hydraulic circuits, Hydraulic Pressure and flow principles as well as Hydraulic circuit speed control.

The components can be placed on a suitable profile plate with grooves for a safe and versatile positioning so that the components can be reliable, fast and securely clamped by easy fixing adapters. Industrial components are used to provide practical training for the students in the use of industrial components.


  • Hydraulic components function & identification
  • Controlling actuators with Pressure and Flow
  • Hydraulic circuit Design and operate with hardware.
  • Hydraulic base Application and fault finding techniques of Hydraulic controls. Empower students to design their own circuits.
  • Operation & Instruction Manual provided for Operation ease.


  • Study of pressure control Study of direction control.
  • Study of fundamental principles of Hydraulics & its applications. Study of flow control.
  • Study of Non return Valve
  • Study of Pilot operated check valve Study of Hydraulic Valves
  • Study of cylinder control.
  • Study of power pack control characteristics.
  • Study of single acting cylinder
  • Study of Double acting cylinder
  • Study of Weight lifting via fluid technique.
  • Study of fundamental hydraulic principles.


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