Basic Pneumatic Trainer


  • Function & identification of Electro-pneumatic components & their symbols.
  • Direct and indirect manual controls, stroke dependent controls, time dependent and pressure dependent controls with time delay, pressure sequence valves.
  • Design & function of an electro-pneumatic System. Functional diagrams.
  • Logic AND/OR function to start signals.
  • Application and fault findings of Electro Pneumatic controls. Pneumatic power section – Electric control section.
  • To empower students to design their own circuits. The kit is modular and upgradeable.
  • Training literature – Instruction & operation manual,
  • troubleshooting & maintenance details will be provided in soft copy as well as hard copy format

Basic Pneumatic Trainer

The basic pneumatic Trainer of Intelitek covers how basic pneumatic systems are to be operated and installed

Performance analysis and design of pneumatic basic circuits. Applications in different fields like agriculture, pharmaceutical, automation and many more! pneumatic power is an industrial foundation, The pneumatic training system needs a dry, filtered air source.

A mobile workstation includes, basic pneumatics alluminum panel, a basic Pneumatics Electric panel and a pneumatic tubing and fittings system are part of this hands-on pneumatic training system.The system uses quality components for reliability in industrial applications and This helps students to prepare for what they will encounter on the job.
Learners will study the following key topics.
for example pneumatic power systems, basic pneumatic circuits, pneumatic Pressure and flow principles as well as pneumatic circuit speed control.

The components can be placed on a suitable profile plate with grooves for a safe and versatile positioning so that the components can be reliable, fast and securely clamped by easy fixing adapters. Industrial components are used to provide practical training for the students in the use of industrial components.


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