This specific 8051 board has a lot of input/output connectors a supports several programming options which includes 8051 assembly and C programming language.

1. The breakpoint setting of the 32-Kbyte emulator
2. The single point tracing function (step into/step over, step out & auto step)
3.The register & memory (data program) editor
4. Line assembly support
5. LST & HEX files are to be downloaded and executed

On Board

  • Based on 8051/89C52 Microcontroller with LCD Display, USB
    Interface, ADC, DAC & Inbuilt Power Supply
  • On board 32K RAM
  • Battery backup for RAM area
  • 64 K bytes of EPROM with powerful monitor program
  • Total memory expandable upto 256K Bytes using four 28 pin
  • sockets
  • 3 channel programmable timer/counter using 8253
  • IBM PC compatible keyboard
  • 20 x 2 LCD display for standard model
  • 48 I/O lines
  • Onboard Analog to Digital converter using ADC0809
  • Onboard Digital to Analog converter using DAC0800
  • Onboard Real Time Clock
  • IBM PC keyboard
  • LCD Display
  • Crystal Frequency: standard frequency
  • DC Power Supplies +12V, -12V, +5V & – 5V
  • Programming mode: Hex keypad mode, PC mode, USB



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