The Electricity Training Device Intelitek is a flexible laboratory training kit. 

The studies conducted with this training method would establish a good understanding of series and Parallel circuits,
electromagnetic induction, coil behavior with AC and DC circuits, diode and transistor functionality, etc. …!

This simple training method offers a good forum for extensive electrical and electronics 



  • DC Power Supplies:

+5V, 1A (fixed) +12V, 500 mA (fixed) -12V, 500 mA (fixed) +12V, 500 mA (variable) -12V, 500 mA (variable),

  • AC Supply:

9V-0V-9V, 500 mA 

  • Function Generator: Sine, Square, and Triangular Functions Frequency range:1Hz to 100KHz in suitable steps 
  • Continuity Tester: For testing the continuity (provided with beeper sound) Mains Supply: 110-220V ±10%, 50/60Hz 

Included Accessories: Breadboards wires: 20 nos 2mm to 1mm patch cords: 8 nos 2mm to 2mm patch cords: 8 nos Mains cord: 1 no


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