PLC trainer kit Objectives:

The PLC Trainer system is a fundamental training system designed to
introduce PLC’s fundamental principles to the users, to program basic
experiments and to illustrate PLC applications.

PLC trainer kit Features : 

  • PLC – Siemens S7-1200 /Equivalent
  • Power Supply :Input -230VAC, output – 24VDC, 3Amp
  • PLC unit with neat Wiring along with Banana Socket , Toggle Switch , Push Button
  • PLC (Ladder) programming Software along with Programming Cable
  • Sensor unit Including of Limit sw, reed switch , inductive proxy switch , capacitive Proxy switch , Photo electric Switch
  • Relay /load panel (Unit ) including of Small Capacity Exhaust Fan (AC ) , Indicator lamp (AC), Relay
  • Electrical wires /Patch cord for performing different Practical’s
  • Pneumatic Components :- Pressure Regulator , Double Acting cylinder , Single Acting Cylinder with Spring return , Suitable
  • 3/2 or 5/2 Solenoid operated DCV

Experiments with PLC trainer kit

  • PLC functionality with CPU
  • 14 Digital Inputs with LEDs and simulator switches
  • 10 Digital outputs with status LED with 2mm/4mm Sockets
  • Analog inputs vary from PLC to PLC.
  • HMI Siemens (optional)
  • Study of Assorted Sensors (Inductive, Proximity & Capacitive etc.)
  • Assorted Push Button Switches
  • Potentiometer for Analog voltage simulation
  • Single Acting cylinder working
  • Double acting cylinder working


  • Single phase 230VAC , 50Hz Supply
  • Air connection- 8bar

Space :-

Net Dimension :- Length :- 1200mm X Width :- 900mm X Height :- 1500mm .

Application Modules:-

Dynamic type

  • Sensor Module
  • Star &Delta Connection with PLC

Static Type:

  • Tank Filling Control
  • Temperature Control Module
  • Bottle Filler Control Module
  • Star Delta Starter Module
  • Relay/ Load Module
  • Water level control
  • Traffic Control
  • Belt Conveyor


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